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In the mean-time Links has forked into a number of branches: links (the original 0.9x series are still being maintained I think), elinks (lua scripting + other features), links2 (graphics + javascript), links-hacked (no idea, but heard it mentioned on the mailing list). I need to catch up with all this. Currently I mostly use Mozilla for browsing.

What is it

No, this is not a yet another collection of hyperlinks. Links is a text-mode web browser. It's main features are


One feature of Links - independency - is both an advantage and a disadvantage. By independency I mean independency from OS features, other programs, and libraries. The advantage is that Links is easy to compile and use on different operating systems (Windows, OS/2, Unix). The disadvantage - Links does not use information from terminfo, mime.types, mailcap, and you have to configure it independently.

Here's my wishlist for Links:

Thanks to Open Source one can not only ask the author (what, by the way, I haven't done yet), but also (try to) implement one's wishes himself.

When I find time, I'll try to rewrite this patch for current version of Links (now 0.95).

I was also planning to continue exploring Links' color handling code. I'd like to make it display proper background colors. First, Links should be able to use all 16 background colors. I don't know yet when I can find time for this.

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