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Information on this page is a bit outdated. Some of the patches are applied upstream, some are obsolete, I now use a different theme, and I use Mozilla instead of Links for normal browsing; and is online now.


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  2. How I found IceWM
  3. My lifestyle
  4. My IceWM patches
  5. My IceWM configuration
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Fixed a bug in one of the patches: IceWM could crash when closing windows.
Created this page.

How I found IceWM

I didn't use the X Window System for a long time. There were several reasons - my video card (S3 Trio3D) was poorly supported, X wasn't very comfortable, besides, I always preferred the keyboard and command line interface. I have tried KDE and GNOME, but was unimpressed and promptly went back to the console. However once I saw an IceWM announcement in Freshmeat or somewhere else, and the words "mouse is optional" interested me. I downloaded IceWM, tried it and was hooked. I forgot the console and use X ever since (but I haven't forgotten the command line - multiple xterms, or rather Eterms, are the way to live).

IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System. Its goals are speed and convenience, but looks do not suffer much. (And Enlightenment, for example, lost both speed and convenience while pursuing looks...). The default theme looks a bit ugly, but due to lucky chance I stumbled upon blueHeart theme. Due to another lucky chance, I did not have some of the fonts installed, and blueHeart was forced to fall back to standard fonts. Later I installed those missing fonts out of curiosity, looked at them, and promptly removed them. They may be nice, but they were completely unreadable. Today I use a slightly modified blueHeart theme (see bellow).

My lifestyle

Enough talks about looks - it's time to show them. This is mostly what my usual desktop looks like:
My desktop
You can see Netscape Navigator in the background. I use it only on very rare special occasions, and use Links for everyday browsing. In the left you see IceWM's window list, in the right - an Eterm, where I have just started typing this web page (BTW my preferred text editor is VIM). On the bottom you can see IceWM's taskbar and GNOME panel stacked on top of each other.

Is is time to notice that IceWM is very configurable. Everyting you read or see on this page is due to my configuration. IceWM can look and feel quite differently on your system. Besides, I have slighlty modified my IceWM (long live Open Source!).

Let's look at IceWM's taskbar more closely:

Left side Right side

After shrinking the GNOME panel to 24 pixels and choosing appropriate colours, it blends very nicely with the IceWM taskbar. BTW, I use GNOME panel almost solely for the ICQ (GnomeICU) applet.

Other IceWM features

My IceWM patches

Here you will find a couple of my patches for IceWM. File name consists of the word "patch", IceWM version number (against which the diff was made), initials of the author (mg - that's me ;), the name and version of the patch itself. Don't panic - all patches work with the latest IceWM 1.0.4, just a couple of line numbers may be off.

My IceWM configuration

Here you will find the contents of my ~/.icewm/ directory:


What's a web page without links :)

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