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Debian packages

Here are several old Debian packages produced by yours truly. To install them conveniently, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb debs/
deb-src debs/

But please don't. I no longer maintain this repository; I now use a Launchpad PPA.


apt-checkupdates (0.6) [deb] [dsc] [tar.gz]
Automatically checks and downloads Debian updates every night (or after every reboot) and notifies the system administrator by email. More or less equivalent to apticron, but simpler. A newer version of apt-checkupdates exists in my PPA.
ltz2003 (0.1.0-1) [deb] [dsc] [tar.gz]
Lithuanian time zone update. No longer needed, since all Linux distros have the updated information.
mg-keymap (0.9.5-1) [deb] [dsc] [tar.gz]
My favourite Lithuanian (Programmers) keyboard layout for X. It also contains a phonetic Cyrillic layout. Doesn't work any more with modern X packages that have changed the location and structure of keymaps.
mgacct (0.4-1) [deb] [dsc] [tar.gz]
Collects Internet traffic stats with iptables and generates graphs with rrdtool. Unpolished early beta version.
mgstats (0.12-1) [deb] [dsc] [tar.gz]
Collects system resource usage statistics (memory, disk, network, etc.) and generates graphs with rrdtool. It was an interesting experiment, but I'd suggest using collectd instead.

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